The Two Best Experiments

1. This experiment is called Homemade Lava Lamp. I found this experiment on a website called I have always wanted a Lava Lamp. The colors I want on my Lava Lamp are Green, Red and Blue. What I like most about a Lava Lamp, is the bubbles going41px-Lavalampe to the top. I chose this experiment because I have always wanted a Lava Lamp.


2.This Experiment is called Milk Planets. I got this experiment from a book called Blast lab. If you are doing a science fair and you are looking for a experiment go get the book Blast lab or get the book and go look at Milk Planets. Milk Planets are an Art experiment. It is like making your own planet but in a bowl. I chose this experiment120px-GRAIL's_gravity_map_of_the_moon because I like making things like this and more audience would like to watch.


Which experiment would you like to do?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Homemade Lava Lamp and Two Other Great Experiments

1. This experiment is called Homemade Lava Lamp.I chose this experiment because I have all ways wanted a lava lamp. If I had a choice a choice of colors, I would chose green and Red. I chose green and red because they are my favorite colors.

2. This experiment is called Self Inflating Balloons. This would be a lot of help in a birth day party because you don’t have to loose your breath from blowing. I chose this experiment because its like watching an optical illusion. I am also interested in this because I like watching these kind of things and I think my audience would like it too.

3. This experiment is called Fruit Produces Electricity. I like this experiment because I can charge my Ipad every where I go. It depends on what fruit it is to do have the electricity.

Really Interesting Experiments From Books

1. Cabbage Magic is where you boil the cabbage and change the colors of the liquid with the cabbage. You can change the liquid to any color in the Dispersionworld basically. I chose this one because it will be fun to do and is also interesting to watch. I love to d0 these kind of things because these entire experiment is a lot of fun. The title of the book is Blast Lab on page 26-27.

2.The next experiment is called Milk Planets. What you basically do is, you put Milk in a bowl and put different colors by using dishwashing liquid and food coloring and mixing it with a cotton sticks. This one is a lot of fun to make and is interesting to look at. If you love art, you should love this project. The title of the book I got it from is called Blast Lab and page number is 32-33.120px-GRAIL's_gravity_map_of_the_moon

The next experiment is called Bubbling Alien Blood. What you need to do is you basically use things to make the water bubble.You have to use food coloring to make the blood look real. I chose this experiment because I love make weird kind of experiments like this. It would also make a good prank. The book I got this from is called Scary science on page 30-31. The water is bubbly but has green food coloring.





Edublog Nominations

Best Student Blog

Dan loves to talk about Baseball and Hockey. Dan should get the Edublogs Award because he is an all around person, he has good varieties of posts and does many good comments, I know that because he has already commented on my blog. He has also very interesting posts like his amazing Art Work. I like Dan’s back round even though it is the original one.


Best New Student Blog

Edward should be the winner for the Edublogs Award because he has a cool back round and is strong in posting articles. He also has a good varieties of posts because of the different posts and the micro and bigger posts. I believe he likes Baseball also. He has a lot of tags. Edward has a total of over 85 visitors.

Count Out Three Game

1. I chose to write about this because it brings me memories about when I watched a play of grease and I remember when I watched the movie. The singing is a good part of the movie. The movie is really romantic. My dad told me that all the girls love the movie.

2. If you look below the other posts you can see the post of the 3 kittens. This post is really good because there is a lot of  good kitty pictures. (more…)

Puppy Bowl

The name of the article is: not into football? Then you may want to check out puppy bowl!

It’s the tenth anniversary for puppy bowl and the show is on Animal Planet. The puppies’ are from the rescue shelter and the people separate them into two teams. The puppies are placed in a scaled down football field, filled with chew toys and let loose to play “ball”. The Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas is running the commentary for the game. When a dog is caught relieved itself on the field it’s charged a penalty. Whenever the water bowl is dry, it is a time out. If a dog brings a toy to the end zone the dog gets a touchdown. Over 5.58 million people have tuned into watch Puppy Bowl. (more…)

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Daily Art


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I Am Going To Heritage Next Year :)


I will be talking about School.

My favorite subject is Math besides Gym and Music. I like doing math because its just fun for me.I wish there was 1 hour and 30 minutes of Gym each day of school. My favorite sport is Hockey and I love to play it at school.

Next year I am going to high school. The name of the high school is called Heritage. At Heritage I am trying out for a program called I.B.O.

Roxy Had 3 Little Kittens

COREYRoxy is the cat I wrote about in the older posts. Roxy had three kittens, one of them is named Tux, 2nd is Jango, 3rd is Jinx. Jinx has the same colors as Roxy. Tux is a Jaguar color but that is black, beige and gray. Jango is the same color as Tux. Jango loved to cuddle and Tux loves to play. Jinx is gray and loves to cuddle and relax. When they are all together on there bed, they all sleep side by side.

    The cat on the picture is Roxy.

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This Is What You Should Not Say When You Comment

Corey Don`t comment shrunk version

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