Count Out Three Game

1. I chose to write about this because it brings me memories about when I watched a play of grease and I remember when I watched the movie. The singing is a good part of the movie. The movie is really romantic. My dad told me that all the girls love the movie.

2. If you look below the other posts you can see the post of the 3 kittens. This post is really good because there is a lot of  good kitty pictures. I also like that post because my favorite animal is cats and dogs( I’m only talking about cats so forget about dogs).

3. I chose this post because I love this art on the Ipad and on the computer. The art is called Silk.Once I made the art look like the Sun was going to expand. If you look at the post below, you can see a picture of what the art is. I love to play this on spare time.


Puppy Bowl

The name of the article is: not into football? Then you may want to check out puppy bowl!

It’s the tenth anniversary for puppy bowl and the show is on Animal Planet. The puppies’ are from the rescue shelter and the people separate them into two teams. The puppies are placed in a scaled down football field, filled with chew toys and let loose to play “ball”. The Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas is running the commentary for the game. When a dog is caught relieved itself on the field it’s charged a penalty. Whenever the water bowl is dry, it is a time out. If a dog brings a toy to the end zone the dog gets a touchdown. Over 5.58 million people have tuned into watch Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet added many fun features to keep the audience entertained. While the dogs are still the stars of the show, the show has Pepper the Parrot to sing the national anthem, and kittens play with laser sticks and yarn to play on half time.

Some people copied Puppy Bowl and made Kitty Bowl or Fish Bowl. For the tenth anniversary of Puppy Bowl, they had a parade of Penguins. After the show they put the internet sensation, Keyboard Cat.


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Daily Art


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I Am Going To Heritage Next Year :)


I will be talking about School.

My favorite subject is Math besides Gym and Music. I like doing math because its just fun for me.I wish there was 1 hour and 30 minutes of Gym each day of school. My favorite sport is Hockey and I love to play it at school.

Next year I am going to high school. The name of the high school is called Heritage. At Heritage I am trying out for a program called I.B.O.

Roxy Had 3 Little Kittens

COREYRoxy is the cat I wrote about in the older posts. Roxy had three kittens, one of them is named Tux, 2nd is Jango, 3rd is Jinx. Jinx has the same colors as Roxy. Tux is a Jaguar color but that is black, beige and gray. Jango is the same color as Tux. Jango loved to cuddle and Tux loves to play. Jinx is gray and loves to cuddle and relax. When they are all together on there bed, they all sleep side by side.

    The cat on the picture is Roxy.

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This Is What You Should Not Say When You Comment

Corey Don`t comment shrunk version

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Dancers In the Fiesta Del Cruz

Jack BFiesta Del Cruz is a festival in Peru. The dancers in the Fiesta Del Cruz look like acrobats. The dancers perform a famous dance called the scissors. Big crowds come watch the dancers. Sometimes it is terrifying to watch the dancers go through the steps on the tall bell tower of a local Church.

When new people come watch the dancers do the scissors dance, they cry in fear, but the dancers are surefooted. The Fiesta Del Cruz is an old festival, before the Spanish came in 1500′s. The Peruvian Indians made this Festival. The Fiesta Del Cruz is a kind of harvest festival.

Painting Test Edublog Challenge 5


Comic Life Test Edublog Challenge 5


Healthcare Pt.2 Blog Action Day 2014

People in deserts in hot and poor areas have little or no medication to cure themselves and others.  When people have very dangerous diseases, they feel sad and stressed during the last moments of their lives.  In poor countries there are less doctors and nurses to save the people.  They don`t have a lot of money to pay doctors or nurses.

Even in North America homeless people living in the streets are begging for money to get food and water.  Kids sometimes are living on the street and are begging for food and water. You need food, water and medication to survive and to develop healthily.

Once on Youtube I saw someone buy a house for a homeless man.  They bought a bed, fridge, food, television and other things.  Later this same man raised money for the homeless by doing a fundraiser so that the other homeless can get food, water, shelter and so they could lead a normal life with medications.

The government tries to protect the homeless from drugs, dangerous people; they give food to keep them healthy. They also try to educate them.  Rich countries usually help the homeless.

In poor countries the government can`t protect the homeless from anything because they don’t have the resources.

Work in progress – image coming!