Good Bye Everybody :( Have A Good Summer

Hi guys,

I will be leaving until September. Hope you guys have a Summer. Hope you have a nice time in the pool. If you play any sports I hope you win all your games. Give a comment below and tell me what sport you play or what you do in the Summer. Tell me what you did in the Summer. There is almost no school left but you guys could still comments. You guys helped me a lot to do this thank you guys and have a good Summer. I might text in the bottom in the comments to tell you guys how I am doing. So this is good bye :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( BOO HOO! Have a good Summer :D:D:D

This is Good Bye, I guess :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( BOO HOO!

GOOD BYE!!!!!!!

I already miss you!

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My Top 10 Hockey Players

  1. Wayne Gretzky: The best hockey player in the world.
  2. Sidney Crosby: A very good player for making plays.
  3. Alexander Ovechkin: This year he scored over 40 goals.
  4. Corey Perry: Scored over 35 goals and over 40 assists.
  5. Pavel  Datsyuk: Has the best hand this year( getting around people).Corey NHL
  6. Zdeno Chara: The tallest and the hardest hitter this year.
  7. Eric Karlsson: The best offensive defense man in 2012.
  8. P.K Subban: Has one of the best slap shots ever.
  9. Jonathan Toews( Ta-v-s): Captain and the best in points for his team(Chicago).
  10. Steven Stamkos: New captain and in 2012 he was one of the fist to score over 60 goals in one year.

Picture credit:Wikipedia

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My Horrible Fear

My greatest fear is being stuck with a great white shark. The room is half full with water. The shark has really sharp teeth. 

I chose this because a great white shark is really scary, like in the movie Jaws.

The scariest scene of Jaws was when the shark would go under the boat in the middle of the sea and attack it and some might die and some survive, and once there was a small kid(3 years old).corey sharkWould you be scared? Why?                                                          Picture by : Wikipedia

What is your greatest fear? Why?

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One Of The Most Loving Kittens Ever

Roxy is like one and half moths old. She is a very loving kitten because when ever I am with her alone she starts to prrrrrrr! When me and my dad watch TV Roxy goes up to the TV and watches from close. If you give her a lot of love and then walk around, she will follow you.

She loves to sleep on the couch or on me. She likes to lay down on my shoulder. Roxy’s fur color is gray.COREY

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What`s Your Favorite Hockey Player

Corey Perry Jack Coreycorey pavelcorey duncan

If I had three choices I would pick Corey Perry, Pavel Datsyuk or Duncan Keith. If I could chose I would pick Corey Perry because he is my favorite player. Corey Perry  can score goals, make assists and do plays for his team. I think Corey Perry is a valuable Player.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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Letter To My Great Grand Father

Dear Joseph Bombardier,
I wish I could see you from the past, you sound like someone  I want to meet. How did you start to think about the idea of a snowmobile? Was it easy or hard? A corey josephsnowmobile is very popular now. My step father has a snowmobile and his friends too they do jumps and tricks on snowmobile. Maybe for my first or second job I would work at the Bombardier company. I really want to see your movie it sounds great because a class in my school was learning about you. I don’t know you that mush but I would really like to meet you.
love Corey,  
Comment if you saw his movie.
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Best chip flavours

Lay's Dill PicklesOn Bob Online’s Best Chip Flavor, I read that his favorite flavor is normal tortillas.

I think dill pickle is really tasty and salty. I love them so mush sometimes I eat the entire bag.

The second best is salt and vinegar Chips because I could actually taste it.

The third is normal chips, they are really greasy.

What are your favorite chips?

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What Is My Favorite Season?

corey sun downMy favorite season is summer. My birthday is in summer. Summer is where you could go to the beach. Summer is where you dive in the pool or ride your bike, do rollerblading or scootering. Summer is where you have no school and you could sleep. When it is summer you play outside with your friends all day. When it is summer you wake up late in the morning Summer is every thing. I like summer because it is my birthday and there is too mush to do.


What is your favorite season? why?

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The Skill I Want To Master

The skill I want to master is playing defensively. The difference between defense and offence is that offence is attack and go make plays in the front and defense stay back and slap shots, passing the puck. Defense is a very important position because they try to keep the puck away from the goalie. The defense is allowed to move the up with the puck and shoot but then you have to go back to try position. You could move up with the puck and pass it but then go back to your position. I chose to master defense in hockey because my coach changed my position and that is the position I play now so that is why I chose to master defense.

What do you want to master?

Corey Bobby Orr Defence Man

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My Trip In Cancun, Mexico

My trip in Mexico was great. It was hot but a little windy. My hotel was called Crown Paradise, COREYall inclusive. I got a lot of sunburns. The is a restaurant called Wayne’s boots they had great meals but there was also a show of electronic bull riding at each hour. The electronic bull is 18 and over. Everyone I saw did like 10-30 seconds on it but my step dad did 63 seconds. You had to hold on with one hand but the time my step dad was done 63 seconds he went flying into the wall. In Cancun there is the best mall in Mexico that I went to and bought a touch screen watch.

The beach water had big waves so my brother and I would jump over the waves. There was this path were you could go really far but sometimes I got creamed by the waves. There was a public pool were there is activities in water like basketball or volleyball. There was a kids water park with a mini basketball court with small nets so you could do dunks but you could not hang on it. There is big water slides that are very cool. When I left it was not windy which sucks. I had a great time, you should go to Cancun, Mexico 

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