MR. Rap God

My favorite music artist is Eminem but my favorite song is Happy by Pharell  Williams. My favorite song by Eminem is Rap God and it says bad words so my teacher would not like it. In the middle of the song he sings so fast that I have no idea what he is saying. Eminem is a Rap artist but sometimes he does pop songs as well as Rap songs.

Eminem Jack Corey

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Modern Family

jack Corey Modern FamilyMy favorite show is Modern Family because I love comedies. The funniest show I have ever seen was 30 Rock. In the show Modern Family there are different scenes. For example it starts with a guy and his boyfriend then it switches to the young woman and the old man. There is this one episode where the girl`s mom asks her daughter if her boyfriend is gay because of how he looks (which is weird). If you have a favorite show and you want to talk about it, please comment.


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When I Grow Up!

Corey JackWhen I grow up I want to be an NHL defence man. The best goal I have ever done was when it went over 2 forwards and went off their defense’s leg and went and I scored from the blue line. At the beginning of the hockey season I was forward and in December the coach switched me to defence. They put me in defence because my coach wanted someone fast in defence. Another reason they put me in defence is because if their on a breakaway I could be fast enough to catch up to him and hit that puck away so all our players have chance to get back on track. Now their is 3 games left, a tournament and the playoffs and we are in fifth place.The defense always protects the net from getting shot but they could still move up and shoot but then you half to come back.


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Canada Big Win vs Norway

Canada won 3-1 vs. Norway. For team Canada Shea Weber, Jamie Benn, and Drew Doughty scored goals for Canada. Patrick Sharp and Jonathan 200px-Shea_Weber_Canada Jack CoreyToews deflected a shot that went on the post. Sidney Crosby is captain, and the 2 assistants are Shea Weber and Jonathan Toews for team Canada. I can’t remember who scored for Norway but I think it was Tuomo Ruutu that scored. If you get this free app called CBC 2014 you could watch the entire thing of your favorite Olympic sport. What sport did you watch on the CBC 2014 app?

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Jonathan Toews And The Blackhawks

Jonathan is born on April 29, 1988. In the NHL Draft he was third pick with the Chicago Blackhawks.Jonathan’s heights is 6 ft 2 in and the weight is220px-Jonathan_Toews Jack Corey 107 pounds. Jonathan’s position is centre and he shoots left. Jonathan was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Jonathan and the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in the 2013-2014 season. Jonathan is going to join Canada in the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Did you know that Jonathan is the third youngest captain in the league behind Gabriel Landeskog and Sidney Crosby. In 2007-2008 Jonathan was rookie of the year. In the 2010 Winter Olympics Johnathan was named best forward. Toews passed Peter Forsberg as the youngest player to join the Triple Gold Club. Jonathan won the Stanley Cup in 2010, along with the trophy for the playoff MvP.

If you have a favorite player maybe you could talk about him and maybe you know information that I don’t have please tell me! Who is your favorite player in the NHL?

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My Awesome Artwork

At the end of school on Thursday we had free time and I tried the point where you put atJack stained house Corey the top middle, then you put a straight line to it from the four top corners of the house and ended up with stained glass made on paper. On the top of the house I decided to do a pattern of blue, green, blue, green and on the bottom of the top its going diagonal right and at the top, top its diagonal left.

At the bottom  I divided  the stained glass in shapes  and my father told me that you have to leave some not all white spots to give the emotion. The colors I put are blue, green and light pink.

If you have a drawing that you made maybe you could talk about it?


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Zippy And Buddy


Buddy is 1 year old and he is a big cat with a fluffy tail. I don’t know what kind of cat he Jack Corey Buddyis because my moms friend found Buddy lost in Montreal and my moms friend asked my mom if she wanted it and my mom said “yes“. So his first days at our house was that he was very friendly and my other cat Zippy was trying to get along with Buddy. Now Buddy is all grown up and he’s still friendly and he loves playing with Zippy. You want to know what Buddy does, he goes and plays in the box. About the playing, Buddy sneaks up on Zippy and attacks as if he was playing with a paper ball.


Jack Corey ZippyZippy is 3 years old and a very tall cat. There was a day where we went to safari and we saw a girl and Zippy so then we said that we would come back the next day, when I was at school my mom went to safari and she saw that the girl was gone so my mom took Zippy. I named the cat Zippy because when he was little he zipped around the house a lot.

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Corey Perry With Team Canada

Corey Perry is my favorite hockey player and I’m so excited to see him in team Canada Corey Perry Jack Coreyand he lives in Anaheim, California. I can’t wait to see Corey Perry on February 12 because that’s when the men’s hockey starts. Corey Perry scored 34 goals for Anaheim this year. In the Vancouver Olympics Corey Perry and team Canada won the gold medal.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Michael Miller

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