Painting Test Edublog Challenge 5


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Comic Life Test Edublog Challenge 5


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Healthcare Pt.2 Blog Action Day 2014

People in deserts in hot and poor areas have little or no medication to cure themselves and others.  When people have very dangerous diseases, they feel sad and stressed during the last moments of their lives.  In poor countries there are less doctors and nurses to save the people.  They don`t have a lot of money to pay doctors or nurses.

Even in North America homeless people living in the streets are begging for money to get food and water.  Kids sometimes are living on the street and are begging for food and water. You need food, water and medication to survive and to develop healthily.

Once on Youtube I saw someone buy a house for a homeless man.  They bought a bed, fridge, food, television and other things.  Later this same man raised money for the homeless by doing a fundraiser so that the other homeless can get food, water, shelter and so they could lead a normal life with medications.

The government tries to protect the homeless from drugs, dangerous people; they give food to keep them healthy. They also try to educate them.  Rich countries usually help the homeless.

In poor countries the government can`t protect the homeless from anything because they don’t have the resources.

Work in progress – image coming!


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A To Z Nonsense Story

170px-Kitten_in_Rizal_Park,_ManilaA bee came dry entering, finding gold hive in joker’s kittens little mind not over purring. Queen roars “sauce taxi” usually vacuum wizards. Xavier yelled “Zebras”.






Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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This summer I was relaxing and going in the pool and playing outside. What mostly stood corey jack guardiansout this summer is my birthday. At the beginning of the summer I went to a movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t want to talk about it because then I will ruin it for you. I went mini-putting. The holes usually get harder and harder. I usually thought it was easy and medium level. The hardest one was where the bumps were getting higher and higher to get to the holes. On my birthday at my mom’s I had 1 friend over for the night. On that night I got an Xbox 360 at my mom’s house. At my dad’s I had family over for a party. What I got for my birthday was clothes, money and a guitar. Before the beginning of school I was picking shoes for school. I picked Adidas for gym class. I picked blue Etnies for inside and outside shoes. I started hockey practices before school and at the beginning I have to do practices before practice games with random players.

How was your summer?

And what did you do?


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What I Recommend You To Do In Toronto | Edublog Challenge 3

CN Tower 200px-Hhof_great_hall 220px-AirCanadaCentre2jACKOntario `s capital is Toronto. I go to Toronto to see my grandparents. Places I recommend you to go to are the new Aquarium called Ripley’s Aquarium, the CN Tower, Air Canada Center and the hockey hall of Fame.

In the Air Canada Center there is the Toronto Maple Leafs for a Hockey team and the Raptors for a Basketball team. When I watch Hockey with my grandfather I always count for the other team then Toronto.

The CN tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Did you know that you can walk on the top of the CN tower? There are also restaurants in the CN Tower.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is cool because you can see the equipment of the legends. I took a picture with the equipment of Guy Lafleur and Patrick Roy. When we went to the trophy area where there was the Stanley Cup! I took a picture with the real Stanley Cup.

Ripley’s Aquarium is the best Aquarium in Canada. There is part of the Aquarium called Dangerous Lagoon. In Dangerous Lagoon you threw a tunnel with fish all around you. In Dangerous Lagoon the is a really rare Green Sea Turtle and I spotted it.

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Who Inspires Me………………..? | Edublogs Challenge 2

Nick inspires me because he likes sports just like me. He is born on the same day and year as me too. My favorite sport is Hockey but his is Football. He also inspires me because I want to have an avatar but I don’t and he does (I don’t know how). I have a brother like Nick but he has a sister and I don’t.

Here is the link to his blog.

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Pet Adoption Blog Review | Edublogs Challenge 2

I will be talking about Jarred’s Plane.

Here is the link

I chose this blog because there are a lot of cool pet animals to play with. My favorite pet is his Ferret, another fun one is the wolf because you make him or her open there mouth and wiggle there rear end. The funny part is that he named his pets after celebrities. Jarred’s horse’s name is Michel Jackson and a running guinny pig named Husain Bolt :). At the bottom of the page is information about planes and there is a video of a real paper gun that shoots. Another cool pet adoption is a cat in a basket that play’s with a ball on a stick and can eat.

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My Favorite Ipad Game

barbariansMy favorite Ipad game is Clash of Clans. The friends and family that play Clash of Clans are my dad, my mom, my brother, my step-brother, and my step-mom. the point of the game is to build up your defence and offence. When you get enough money in the game you can request troops so the clan helps you attack. You can upgrade the request, so you can request more amounts of troops. My favorite kind of troop is Barbarians. I’m not the best but I am pretty good at the game




               Do you play clash of clans?

  If you do then join GREYBOB’S ARMY!

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Jay Peak Surprise Vacation

800px-Big_Jay_Mt_Vt_seen_from_Jay_PeakIt was just regularly camping until one morning my mom told me we were going on a vacation to the Jay Peak mountains. We rented a cottage for just one night. When we were there we went to the indoor water park that was in the building across. The slides were 75% outside and the rest was inside. Around the water park was a lazy river. In the water there was boogie boarding and surf machine which is water coming from the bottom and goes up really hard. maybe you should go there its in New York.


I’m back from Summer vacation :)


Did you ever go there?                                                                                                                                                                            Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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