Throw Back Tuesday

I remember when my first  post and my last, the writing styles from then and now I feel really good with myself with the skills I have increased, I am very proud of myself.

The first post I had ever made was about my favorite hockey player, Corey Perry. I remember when I first started blogging and the quality writing was so much different writing quality’s, example like spelling and grammar. The writing quality I have now is so much better from when I first started.When I began my blog I did not really know what to do and I always needed to ask my teacher what to do and then she started giving us ideas for what to write. If you can tell, the quality from before and now I have so much better writing. I know I am saying this a lot but this is true.

The different styles of writing like writing about art, sports, science, animals, story’s and etc.The best parts I had so far was probably like doing a project of health with Dan Online. I did what was bad part of the health but not obvious, we had to do like dirty water and like bad hospitals. I liked to comment for the top finalists, I wanted Dave Online to go to the finalists. I loved to do the plugins, widgets, appearance, putting a photo on the posts and choosing a background.

When I am in high school I will have a blog about hockey and the old timers hockey players and modern players. I will write about top 10 plays of the week with hockey and my favorite hockey players.

When I started to blogging I remember about I loved blogging so much and we use to do blogging every second. I loved blogging so much at first and I always had something to write.

In the middle of my blog I started to write more about mixed subjects but I was still writing about hockey but not as much. I wrote a lot about blogging challenges, animals and other subjects in the middle that my teacher is assigning us. I remember writing about different hockey posts like the Olympics, the playoffs and other random hockey posts.

Were you confused about how to blog?  If not then tell me how you started.

Awesome New Stuff In My Science Fair

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to tell you a few updates on what happened with my science fair.

The due date has been transfered to April 2nd.

I have done my experiment, it went really well and was very cool. There was one that looked like a planet with black water and the land is green and red.

I am starting to do my board and I already have my results and should be starting soon with the typing of other topics.

To Do List For Science Fair


  • Board
  • Food coloring
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • some milk
  • jar lids
  • cotton swab

To do list

– Get materials by March 13

– Do experiment by 14-15 of March at least 3 times

– Do board and info by 23 of March( all of the subjects)

– Practice science experiment until 26 of March

I have made my procedure, Hypothesis, Question, title and Materials needed.I will start to gather up my Materials. I will collect all the data of the experiment. Do the board subjects like Question and etc. The Science Fair begins in the 26th of March. The due date has been transfered to April 2nd. I have done my experiment, it went really well and was very cool. There was one that looked like a planet with black water and the land is green and red. I am starting to do my board and I already have my results.

Tubing in Mont Avilla!!!


Yesterday I went on a field trip to Mont Avilla to go Tubing. We went there with the entire class by Bus which took about 45 minutes.

What I loved most was when I went on the rafting slide with Dave. Rafting is a slide where the tube is called” the yellow boat”. When you go down you spin and there are 2 enormous bump and at the end you ride on the wall for a second. Another slide that I liked was the tallest and the steepest slide. I went with Dave and 2 other friends. At lunch we all got hot chocolates, and Sionra showed me a trick of how to cool down a hot chocolate and it tasted really good. I had a lot of fun there and if you live in Montreal than in the winter go to Mont Avilla, you can go skiing or snowboarding.

The Cat Came Back

the-cat-came-backThe video is mostly funny than a message they are giving. The video was made by Cordell Barker and was made in 1988. The video lasts 7min 40sec.

The video has music that goes like ” The cat came back, dadada, the cat came back” when the guy does not want the cat anymore. The cat just wanted to go back to the house because I think the cat thought it was his or her home. First thing he tried to do to get the cat away was outside the door, In the forest, the ocean, an air balloon and the train track.

I won’t tell you what happened and give you the link so you can watch it.

Nightmare At School

Nightmare at school is a cartoon that is about a boy having a nightmareNightmare about school because to me it looks like it is a nightmare before school, when he wakes up. This is also a cartoon with magic and a lot of surrealism.

I think the boy is afraid of the picture when the black circle shaped perimeter of the boy in the picture because the boy was moving away from it as if he was scared of it. I think he is afraid of the schools movement because it seemed like he was confused and scared at the same time. For me it looked like the boy was scared of the principal because he was small and he was much taller. I think the boy was having a nightmare because he was stressed of what was going to happen in High School.


Max Ernst made art called “L’ange du foyer”. It is a monster with a fish as a head and multicolored body. It looked like it was andL'Ange_du_Foyeur was chasing someone or something. This art was made in 1937.

Rene Magritte’s painting was called ” This is not a pipe” confuses me because it looks exactly like a pipe. I w300px-MagrittePipeonder what it is? What do you think it is? The bottom of the painting says “ceci n’est pas une pipe”. The painting was made in 1928-29.

Andre Masson made a drawing called ” Automatic Drawing”, it looks like the guy made drawings full of scribbling but there are hands, fish skeletons and others. The drawing was made in 1924.220px-Masson_automatic_drawing

Yves Tanguy made a painting called ” Indefinite Divisibility” made in 1942. There is a table with food, things balanced on top of each other and plates coming from the ocean.220px-Indefinite_Divisibility

My Art Gallery

I chose these pictures because I love to skate and play hockey. If I could play hockey all day, I would. Hockey is my life and my passion. My Dad was the person to introduce me to hockey. My dad taught me how to shoot, pass and skate. My mom and dad would all ways try to come to all of my hockey games and what makes me proud is that I am very talented while playing hockey.

The picture at the bottom middle is a painting made by Ken Danby called” Lacing Up”. The bottom left picture is Wayne Gretzky’s first skates. If you don’t know who Wayne Gretzky is then I will tell you, Wayne Gretzky is the hockey player in the world. The rest of the picture are hockey skates and a drawing of a skate.

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I Am Going On Vacation On March Break

On March Break I am going to FLORIDA. I am so happy to go to Florida because its going to be hot and where I live, its very cold. My Dad told me we might go to a Florida Panthers or a college football game because the hockey is very cheap and my Dad just likes FloridasFootball. I can not wait to be on that beach in 2 weeks. I will be swimming again and maybe waterslides. In Canada we have -30 degrees and in the south it’s hot all the time.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Milk Planets

science fair: Surface tension120px-GRAIL's_gravity_map_of_the_moon

Question: How will 2 surface tensions combine?

Hypothesis: I think when I put the cotton swab in the milk it wont whirl the first and second time. This subject looks easy but I don’t think it will be super easy.surface tension


  • Food coloring
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • some milk
  • jar lids
  • cotton swab


1. Pour some milk into the jar lid cover the bottom.

2. Add some little drops of food coloring to the milk. Use several different colors.

3.Dip a cotton swab in the dishwashing liquid, and dab it on the milk. The milk planet will start to whirl around!

Face Off By Ken Danby

danby-face-off I am righting because I am doing a project on a painting. I chose this picture because I love hockey but I see a lot of emotion like they really want to beat the other team. Its as if they are in the Stanley cup. I love the picture because the fist thing I see is the mad face on the referee.

It looks like the game is about to start and the ref is dropping the puck. I love artists that make hockey painting because I know hockey a lot and I know better about what is happening. It looks like I am playing the Hockey game on the ice. I think it looks like the Montreal Canadians vs. The Edmonton Oilers by the colors. On the red team there is hot colors and white has cold colors. There is only one white taped hockey stick. There are so much people watching the game as you see.

Ken Danby was born in March 6th 1940(Canada, Ontario) and died in the 23rd of September 2007( aged 67). Ken Danby`s brother inspired Ken Danby because of the art his brother made. In 1061 Ken Danby participated in the first ever Toronto outdoor Art exhibit. In 1975 Ken Danby was elected  member of the Royal Canadian academy of arts. The style of the arts that Ken Danby does is called Realism. The first painting Ken Danby made was called” Lacing Up”. The school Ken Danby went to was called Ontario College of Art in 1958 . In 2001 Ken Danby Painted a picture of when Wayne Gretzky retired from the NHL and the painting was called “The Great Farewell”. Ken Danby was in the Sault’s Walk of Fame in 2006. There is a very popular painting by Ken Danby called “At The Crease” in 1972.Danby is best known for creating highly realistic paintings that study everyday life. Ken Danby’s firs solo exhibition 1964 was sold out. Ken Danby’s son Noah Danby is an actor and Ken Danby’ wife is Gillian Danby.

“The Great Farewell” This is another Painting by Ken Danby that is about when Wayne Gretzky retired. Wayne Gretzky is a hockey legend. Wayne Gretzky is now the greatest hockey player in the world. This painting is called “The Great Farewell”.Danby-the-great-farewell




Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr is a Defensemen for the Boston Bruins and he is #4.



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